SNIEC, the only Sino-german joint venue with western management is the leading international exhibition venue in the heart of Shanghai, a metropolis with 25 million people. It is the commercial hub and gateway of China, connecting the rest of our country with Asia and the world. Most of the country's production and distribution centres are located near Shanghai.

We are honored to be named one of the leading exhibition venues in the world, and our hard work shows. With an over 70 percent occupancy rate in 2014, we are No. 1 in the world.

With 15 years of experience working along side top global and domestic organizers, we have further developed our partnerships and excellence into a win-win success story. In fact, almost 7 million visitors attend over 100 international trade shows in our 300.000m2 venue each year. The competitive market in China - especially Shanghai - motivates us to continuously improve our already well-established and respected services with only one goal: Make your show even better and more successful in the future.

The whole SNIEC team is 100 percent committed to make your show the leading one in your industry! We look forward to serving your exhibitions, events and clients. We understand your needs, come and challenge us.

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