Contractor Pass Register

In response to the request of Pudong New Area's Security Bureau to practice a real-name authentication and photo system in regards to workers involved in booth-building work, the Shanghai New International Expo Centre Co。, Ltd。 (SNIEC) has formulated the following measures to change the undesirable situation in managing the certificates of workers involved in booth erection and dismantling, and to ensure a safe environment within the SNIEC's exhibition halls and unloading areas。

How to get the vehicle pass:

  1. Fill up the application form
  2. Submit the required receipt
  3. Pay 50 RMB for pass and 300 RMB for deposit
  4. Swipe the pass when you enter & exit from the loading bay
  5. Refund the deposit if no exceeding time.

Download the comprehensive information regarding the contractor pass register:

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