The Facilities

A world-renowned, international venue and a purpose-built exhibition facility, SNIEC is a one-stop exhibition hub for every reason.

  • 17 exhibition halls totaling 200,000sqm of column-free, ground-level space and outdoor exhibit space of more than100,000sqm
  • 3 entrance halls well-equipped with multiple functionalities as visitor registration, information enquiries, opening ceremony, business centre, coffee zone, dinning room, cloak room etc.
  • 20 loading bays located between halls with direct drive-in access to exhibition floor
  • Superior loading capability: 3 tons/sqm of indoor, 5 tons/sqm of outdoor and 20 tons/sqm of outdoor heavy areas
  • 51 meeting rooms with different sizes and styles for organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, cocktails, etc.
  • Spacious parking for 4730

Download the comprehensive information regarding our facilities:

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